What We Love About…ADP

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What we love about ADP

If you’re a small business owner with employees, payroll is probably one of those recurring tasks that eat up your time. There are employee hours to audit and calculate and taxes to withhold. Not to mention the rules and regulations you must follow to stay compliant. As a busy small business owner, you’re already spending your time wearing many hats. You’re the visionary for business ideas, the manager overseeing day-to-day activities, and the hands-on professional doing some of the work for your clients. Running payroll shouldn’t be stressful or extremely time-consuming. That’s where ADP comes in.

Who is ADP?

ADP is a provider of cloud-based human resources management software and services. Their software offers online payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance with payroll integration, talent and recruiting solutions, and much more. Although they offer extensive and scalable services that provide value to businesses of any size, we’ll focus on the payroll features we absolutely love and how they can help small business owners free up their time and focus on what drives their business forward.

What We Love…

Easy setup
If you’re intimidated by the complexities of the payroll process, then you’ll be relieved to see that ADP has simplified it for you. For starters, the ADP interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. They make the initial setup a breeze. The system is very intuitive and will guide you through the entire process. In no time, you’ll be running payroll with just a few clicks.

Scalable services
RUN Powered by ADP® is their small business solution for those with 1-49 employees. There are four packages offered under this plan. Pricing varies by package, and ADP is currently offering 3 months free for new small business customers. The awesome part about ADP is that you can mix and match their services to create a product that is truly customized to your specific business needs. This means that as your business grows, you can add features or change plans as needed. In other words, ADP grows with you to ensure your payroll and human resources requirements are always covered. Check out their RUN Powered by ADP® payroll packages here:

Run by ADP

Payroll processing made simple
With ADP, you can process payroll online, and on-the-go with the ADP mobile app for iOS or Android devices. Once you enter each employee’s hours into the software for the specified pay period, it calculates each employee’s paycheck based on their wage rate or salary. Deductions for taxes, health benefits and retirement contributions are automatically calculated for you. It’s just that easy.

Another nice feature that ADP offers is unlimited payroll runs. Let’s face it, mistakes happen and sometimes things are overlooked. Maybe you entered your employee’s hours and forgot to account for vacation pay. No big deal. With ADP you can run payroll as often as you like, without an added charge.

Payroll taxes on autopilot
In addition to calculating the proper deductions and withholdings, ADP will calculate, fill out and file the proper forms AND make the necessary payments to local, state, and federal entities on your behalf. ADP will also handle any questions from taxing agencies regarding your business’s payroll tax payments or forms. In addition, they offer a guarantee on tax filing errors. Should any filing errors occur, ADP will pay the fines or penalties incurred. This not only frees up tons of time for small business owners but also alleviates any anxiety that may accompany the payroll tax process.

Substantial payroll and HR reporting
ADP’s reporting functionality is substantial. From their dashboard, you can generate reports on earnings records, payroll summaries, paid time off transactions, deduction transactions, and more. These reports can also be filtered by employee and date and exported to Excel. No matter what package you’re operating under, you can view and customize the reports according to your unique needs. This quickly gives you the pertinent business information you’re seeking without any hassle. Here is a Custom Reporting How to Guide from ADP.

New-hire reporting done for you
The onboarding process for new hires can be time consuming. There’s I-9’s, W-4’s, state withholding, and other forms that need to be filed. This is yet another area where ADP can save valuable time for small business owners. When you create a new employee profile in ADP, they will fill out and file all the necessary new hire paperwork for you and submit it to the proper state and federal agencies on your behalf. You are guaranteed to follow federal and state requirements and your time will be freed up to focus on other important aspects of running and growing your business.

Never miss the deadline for W-2s and 1099s
At the end of the year, ADP creates and distributes the required W-2 and 1099 forms for your employees. It also files the W-2s on your company’s behalf. This service ensures that the information on each form is correct and that they meet the filing deadlines. You won’t have to spend time chasing down and fixing errors and you’ll also avoid any imposed penalties.

Time and attendance tracking
Another add-on ADP feature that payroll users have access to is ADP’s time and attendance tracker. The tracker will sync directly with your payroll for speedier processing. With ADP’s time and attendance feature, employees are able to clock in and out through the mobile application, request PTO, and track any overtime. Small business owners can use the tool to manage their employees’ PTO, approve time entries, and create schedules. Overall, this add-on tool can significantly improve and streamline the payroll process.

Awesome customer Service
Although the payroll features mentioned are amazing and absolute time savers, what we love most about ADP is their customer service. Customer service really can make or break a company, but they’re doing it right at ADP. They offer support for both employers and employees on a 24/7 basis via phone and email. They even have a chat feature where you can speak with a live agent who can answer any questions you may have. A dedicated account manager is also available for eligible ADP clients.

If you’re in need of a quick solution to a technical problem, remote support assistance is offered. With this feature, a member of the ADP support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get your issues solved faster. There are also numerous support pages on the website that you can utilize to answer a wide variety of questions related to payroll, HR, and other topics. With a comprehensive customer service offering like this, you can be sure all your questions will be answered quickly.


We were only able to scratch the surface of the robust capabilities that ADP offers. Clearly, the packages presented through RUN Powered by ADP® can automate a lot of the time-consuming payroll tasks and ensure that your business is staying compliant. Their services truly can help small business owners like you worry less about payroll and put more time into growing your business. If you’re in need of payroll assistance, feel free to schedule a consultation with us. Here are some additional small business and payroll resources from ADP that you may find useful:

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